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Image of: Ruinpic

Finish the fight...

Build by Ruinpic    Sep 21, 2019

Finish the fight...

joelion32 Sep 29, 2019

@Ruinpic oh cool ! Those definitely compliment Chief in this picture ! Good work man \[T]/


JoeFilms Sep 24, 2019

Great photo! I love the light from the needles reflecting.


Ruinpic Sep 24, 2019

@Joelion32 i used the master chief from the series 5 an the needler's are customs :)


joelion32 Sep 24, 2019

Duuude awesome use of the Series 5 Chief ! Is he all original or did you customize him ??


HaloODST56 Sep 22, 2019

Awesome pic!