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First Look: Halo 10th Anniversary Scorpion Tank

Build by Kevin_MCX    Apr 12, 2019

First Look: Halo 10th Anniversary Scorpion Tank

Kevin_MCX May 15, 2019

@Bloodravens73, great news, the new 10th Anniversary Scorpion features buildable tracks. These will be made of plastic and can be assembled in any length you need.


Bloodravens73 May 14, 2019

Hello Mega Construx Team, I have been collecting since you were Megablocks. I am emphatically suggesting you better design your tank treads. The rubber is too delicate and dries out quickly. This inevitably leads to the tread falling apart.


Admiral-Sabree Apr 20, 2019

I didn't stop to ask, can this support figures?


Plastic_Yank Apr 14, 2019

Kevin, it's beautiful...


LordMaximas Apr 14, 2019