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First Look: MCX Heroes Series 5 Xenomorph

Build by Kevin_MCX    Feb 27, 2019

First Look: MCX Heroes Series 5 Xenomorph

Roadhog Apr 19, 2019

Alien is so cool


LARZER Apr 01, 2019

The blue eyes white dragon?


HALx-10 Mar 07, 2019

please give us some figures to scale with b2 five acid rain figures, pleaseeee.


YJAGG Mar 04, 2019

The Spock hands work great!


Pedro-Parzival Feb 28, 2019

There was a Xenomorph in the old Aliens film that spawned from the protagonist (Ripley) was pregnant with it.., so when she birthed this Alien. It had some human specification details one detail being the eye sockets because it was more humanoid than the others.