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Image of: Kevin_MCX

First Look: Spartan EOD

Build by Kevin_MCX    Dec 20, 2018

First Look: Spartan EOD

Febuary Jan 03, 2019

Thank MCX.... Finally we get an EOD figure and its armor take off!!! And it's coming out this year!!d


halo7ification Dec 22, 2018

Are the old EOD helmets from gen 1 figures being reused? Or is that a new molded helmet?


halo7ification Dec 22, 2018

So cool seeing halo 3 armor, i hope for CQB to return and security!!!. Great work


Cinimod64 Dec 21, 2018

@Jason397a I agree. I love the CQB and EVA armor as well and really want MCX to come out with some super articulated figures.


basicusername Dec 20, 2018

@Mruple lol