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Image of: Kevin_MCX

First Look UNSC Marine

Build by Kevin_MCX    Feb 07, 2019

First Look UNSC Marine

spartan-185 Feb 09, 2019

I really hope I can find some of these mystery packs anywhere. Especially the Marine and Grunt figures.


skylanderporalmaster Feb 08, 2019

what gun will it come with


joelion32 Feb 07, 2019

I Can’t wait to load these guys into a Pelican, along with those new pilots were getting !! :0 Chief and Johnson are gonna look awesome leading these guys


SrgtGreen Feb 07, 2019

@MCSpartanIV Welcome to the galley. I await your first post!


AlaskanBullWorm Feb 07, 2019

Will we see any Halo Reach Marines in the future; I think we all know to always Remember Reach. good looking figures.