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Image of: ArtfulConch

First-Person attempt

Build by ArtfulConch    Aug 30, 2019

First-Person attempt

ArtfulConch Dec 08, 2019

@Arby101 Basically, remove the head and left arm, attach the left arm to the gun, and have the figure still holding the gun. Sit level with where the head would be, at least 2 in. back. Take 2 photos; one focused on the gun/arm, the other focused on the subject. Overlay the two, and viola!


Arby101 Dec 07, 2019

How do you do first person?


TheDude601 Sep 01, 2019

hey... maybe i should do this too!


NATE-DOG Aug 31, 2019

That's cool 👍


The-stop-sign-13 Aug 31, 2019

it looks awesome!