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Image of: TacticalSponge

Flood Carrier Form

Build by TacticalSponge    Mar 22, 2019

Flood Carrier Form
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Flood Carrier Form
Flood Carrier Form
Flood Carrier Form
Flood Carrier Form
Flood Carrier Form
Flood Carrier Form
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TacticalSponge Mar 23, 2019

@nigelninja11 Eh, I wouldn't say I'm a natural. My first custom was just a yellow spartan with a few silver bits painted on. I'd say it's more of a learned skill, and if I can do it then anyone else could too. But still, thank you for the compliment. @Spartanz19 This figure was made with both green stuff and apoxie sculpt, but I have a little more experience with green stuff. I haven't had any issues with either being too sticky but if it helps try keeping a wet washcloth or something nearby to keep your fingers from getting dry as you work. Maybe then the epoxy putty will be less prone to sticking. @Simek4 @81Ceta_Deta @JoeFilms Thank you.


JoeFilms Mar 22, 2019

He looks great!


81Ceta_Deta Mar 22, 2019

Wow, thats amazing!


Simek4 Mar 22, 2019



Spartanz19 Mar 22, 2019

What do you use to model things? I use green stuff, and it’s so sticky that I can’t do anything accurate. Also, I have like six of those carriers.