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Image of: nigelninja11

For the Great Journey!

Build by nigelninja11    Feb 11, 2020

For the Great Journey!

81Ceta_Deta Feb 27, 2020

Missed this. Nice photo!


SpartanGregor113 Feb 11, 2020

@Cinimod64 "The Great Journey waits for no one, brother. Not even you."


kirrily_agus Feb 11, 2020

Wait, did you then not have the spare tendrils or did you take them out for the photo?


Emersonian_06 Feb 11, 2020

Die nasties!!!!!!!!!!!!


nigelninja11 Feb 11, 2020

@Cinimod64 Do not twist the Prophet’s words! They said the Path is wide enough for us all, as long as we stay faithful.