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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Furry Terminator? Furminator!

Build by Kevin_MCX    Feb 18, 2020

Furry Terminator? Furminator!

ToyBuddha Feb 20, 2020

Yea you guys def need to flock Panthor as a carded figure. Js.


Zarry Feb 19, 2020

Hear me out here: Furry Master Splinter


lucario117 Feb 19, 2020

Mega construx necesita algo nuevo con esta figura con pelo , Mega construx necesita minis figuras pokemon Mega construx tipo halo


BlckWulf2501 Feb 19, 2020

AgentHellion, it's just a test sample not meant for production


SpartanGregor113 Feb 18, 2020

@AgentHellion "I found another flocking test sample". The description is often where questions such as this are answered.