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Generic Super hero

Build by Crisco    Aug 12, 2016

Generic Super hero
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Generic Super hero
Generic Super hero
Generic Super hero
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charliebucket Apr 20, 2017

And they call him... Generic man!


Crisco Mar 05, 2017

thanks guys


Thehumanelement Sep 15, 2016

I've been saying this from the start . Mega Bloks needs a generic superhero sub line. Solid colored bodies with capes , tampo/ body prints ,etc.


Crisco Aug 13, 2016

Thanks everyone, I used citadel paints. Parts used, Leonardo torso, rocksteady upper arms, Casey jones shoulder and elbow joints, as thy are dark blue, no paint rub at the joints. Legs COD upper and magneto lower.


RuCat757 Aug 13, 2016

@Criso That's a really nice paint job. What paint did you use?