Image of: RedThree

Good ol' Mark V

Build by RedThree    Jul 02, 2019

Good ol' Mark V
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Good ol' Mark V
Good ol' Mark V
Good ol' Mark V
Good ol' Mark V
Good ol' Mark V
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SpartanGregor113 Jul 05, 2019

@migueljimenez It might not have the cleanest paint job, but I've seen much worse. Which isn't saying much, since this isn't actually too bad. Also, 81Ceta_Deta is right. How about you make your own custom and tell us how it looks before you judge others.


81Ceta_Deta Jul 02, 2019

That is great! @migueljimenez lets see you try. Can you make a custom figure like this? How would you feel if people laughed and said yours sucked? Bad? Because i'm sure thats how other people feel. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.


migueljimenez Jul 02, 2019

Is bad haha


Simek4 Jul 02, 2019

Mark V is BY FAR my favorite armor type, after all, he is the ORIGINAL. And it looks more like actual armor than the other types.


Survivor11 Jul 02, 2019

@TheOriginalCollector spartan II is not an armour type. This is Mjolnir Mk. V variant.