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Goodbye Part 2...

Build by TheOriginalCollector    Jan 23, 2020

Goodbye Part 2...

MasterChief36 Feb 03, 2020

I know I have few posts, but I've been here a little while. I don't know how I miss this stuff, but 2020 is going downhill. That's two members gone in 3 weeks. Both ShlubCostums and TheOrigionalCollecter have left, and both will be dearly missed. 😰😰😰


THEranger01 Jan 26, 2020



81Ceta_Deta Jan 24, 2020

I got to this late. I'm sorry to see you go, but I wish you luck in life. Farewell..


TheOriginalCollector Jan 23, 2020

@CA-ODST If I ever some back in going to release Scarab Tales. I already have the first two episodes they just have trouble with moderation for some reason.


CA-ODST Jan 23, 2020

Hello Original, I have just joined but have been lurking here since November 2019. you were definelty one of the most one of a kind users I saw, I'm sad that Scarab tales never happened though. Goodbye, old friend