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Image of: TheSSMotionTom

Green Machine

Build by TheSSMotionTom    Aug 15, 2019

Green Machine

SrgtGreen Oct 06, 2019

Thanks. I’ll try this eventually.


TheSSMotionTom Oct 05, 2019

@SrgtGreen absolutely no need to apologise at all - nice to see my older pics are still popular! I use Photoshop and look for filters which I can overlay, or PNGs which I can drop into my images. I then play with transparency and lighting levels to try and get them looking as authentic as I can.


SrgtGreen Oct 04, 2019

Sorry to draw you back to an old post, but how do you add that smoke effect to images? I’ve been longing to know.


TheSSMotionTom Aug 16, 2019

@Kevin_MCX big praise coming from you man! Thank you so much.


Kevin_MCX Aug 16, 2019

Great picture!