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Image of: WhoThCares

H4 Masterchief

Build by WhoThCares    Jan 19, 2020

H4 Masterchief

WhoThCares Jan 21, 2020

@Zarry the visor is correct based on the 2011 E3 trailer which if you guessed it is gold in color. Not my fault that 343 cant stay consistent with what already existed in Halo lore. Master chief has always had a golden visor. 343 messed up and tried to fix the visor color in halo 5 which in most cut scenes is goldfish unlike halo 4 muted orange color they used.


81Ceta_Deta Jan 19, 2020

Looks great!


Zarry Jan 19, 2020

Looks good but the visor is too vibrant, the H4 MC visor is a muted orange.


JoeFilms Jan 19, 2020

Looking very nice! Well done, man!