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Image of: YrkanesAbattoir

Halo 2 Prophets

Build by YrkanesAbattoir    Dec 17, 2017

Halo 2 Prophets
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Halo 2 Prophets
Halo 2 Prophets
Halo 2 Prophets
Halo 2 Prophets
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UntotenWermahct Mar 28, 2019

Everyone's three favorite punching bags


garanin Jul 03, 2018

I would like to purchase these figures. If you can make the chairs I'd start the offer at 150, I can go higher


YrkanesAbattoir Mar 21, 2018

I started with stock crowns, then modified them with leftover parts and sheet styrene. Lots of sanding and filing!


Jay_Jay Mar 20, 2018

How did you make the crown for Mercy and Regret?


Zarry Jan 19, 2018

Dang Yrkanes, if mega made these actual figs, they would look like pieces of plastic with no detail AT ALL!