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Halo 3 11th Anniversary

Build by TacticalSponge    Sep 25, 2018

Halo 3 11th Anniversary
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Halo 3 11th Anniversary
Halo 3 11th Anniversary
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mrjustin412 Sep 26, 2018

Love it!


TacticalSponge Sep 26, 2018

@Zarry Green stuff. A self hardening epoxy putty that comes in two compounds you mix then sculpt into shape.


ccbrowning5 Sep 26, 2018

It's been that long? Well I'll be...


JoeFilms Sep 26, 2018

Never Forget. I say that as if it's dead, though, Halo has never been more alive!


CarilletaReach2 Sep 26, 2018

Gears of war wasnt even close to those graphics of Halo 3 that time