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Halo 3 hangar Bay

   Sep 17, 2019

Halo 3 hangar Bay

Fireteam_creation Oct 08, 2019

Nice idea I love it

Sep 18, 2019

looks just a concept and I don't have the pieces to build it I just like the idea of having the hangar bay door from the very last mission of Halo 3 I didn't intend to add a picture of something I built cuz I don't even own a warthog set not to do I have the amount of bricks to be able to build the scale size just leave me alone okay I'm new to this and it's just an idea


Survivor11 Sep 18, 2019

OK, this has absolutely nothing to do with MCX other than maybe the Halo aspect. I'm insulted that the mods don't let my drawings through but allow this, which takes incredibly low effort to produce as it just consists of taking a screenshot.


Rogue-Elite Sep 17, 2019

Ok but why?


JoeFilms Sep 17, 2019

Are you building one or something?