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Halo base x/my room

Build by Spartanslayerx1    Mar 02, 2019

Halo base x/my room

basicusername Mar 03, 2019

@Spartanslayerx1 yeah you are posting but your posting other peoples work without giving any credit at all, no link or name of the person who made it. Not to mention the fact that your claiming it's yours when i'ts clearly not. For example this post , you said "sorry for putting stuff that are not mine so I have restarted and made base " It's obvious that you didn't make this because it's not that easy to just restart and make a new base this huge within a day.


The-stop-sign-13 Mar 03, 2019

Wait, so is this your room, or is it Dielectric's?


AlaskanBullWorm Mar 03, 2019

@Spartanslayerx1 ... respect the golden rule, treat others the same way you would want to be treated in return, the golden rule it truth but still there are those who care none for others but demand respect from other in return...share you're own like the rest of us...and good too if you do a turn around.


JoeFilms Mar 02, 2019

Listen, man, if you are a second account, congrats. You got us good! But here's the thing. I try to assume the best in people, so I can honestly tell you that I really want to see what you have to show us! I would just love to see your own work. Please, I beg you, post your own stuff! If you do, you'll be officially redeemed, and you can become a eespected member of this site. And I genuinely want that for you! I want it for anyone who joins us, but stealing images really isn't cool. Please post your own stuff, and if you don't actually have any, than get some and post it! Blind bags are super cheap, and all you need is a single figure to make some comics! I hope to see some work from you, and have a great day. :)


Spartanslayerx1 Mar 02, 2019

ill post my stuff soon