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Halo Combat Evolved Marine

Build by Arby101    Aug 21, 2019

Halo Combat Evolved Marine
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Halo Combat Evolved Marine
Halo Combat Evolved Marine
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81Ceta_Deta Aug 22, 2019

That is amazing!!


Arby101 Aug 22, 2019

@ShlubCustoms That means a lot coming from one of the best customizes I’ve seen in a while! :)


JoeFilms Aug 22, 2019

I think it woukd be cool to get some Marines from Combat Evolved. But yours looks great!

Aug 22, 2019

For starters, I don't think there is a Bungie era Marine design that I don't like. With that out of the way, the CE Marine BDU is my least favorite design. I should say "was" my least favorite design, because you changed my mind with this figure.


ratss454 Aug 22, 2019

Looks good to me.