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Halo Heroes Series 11!!!

Build by halo_bricks    Nov 11, 2019

Halo Heroes Series 11!!!

Bmatt123 Dec 10, 2019

that makes scenes


ShlubCustoms Dec 09, 2019

@Bmatt123 Graves, Lang and two other ODSTs were the four playable characters in a Halo arcade game originally exclusive to Dave & Buster's called Halo: Fireteam Raven.


Kevin_MCX Nov 12, 2019

Great haul!


AVGcustoms Nov 11, 2019

Still stuck on series 8 even though I know that better than a lot of people have it, I am desperate to get Jorge, Keyes, And Sesa


Bmatt123 Nov 11, 2019

who is lang??