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Halo Heroes Series 7 "Yrkanne" Chief

Build by vsg001    Nov 23, 2018

Halo Heroes Series 7 "Yrkanne" Chief
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Halo Heroes Series 7 "Yrkanne" Chief
Halo Heroes Series 7 "Yrkanne" Chief
Halo Heroes Series 7 "Yrkanne" Chief
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vsg001 Nov 24, 2018

@ JoeFilms, take a destiny torso since those are slightly longer than the regular Spartans or marine. The armor will fit fine since it has the slots on the side but just be aware that the peg hole in the back may not line up properly after the change. The thigh pieces are also likewise slightly longer for COD and Destiny figures than the default Halo ones. However, the thighs will need to be shaved down to be able to accept the halo armor pieces. Also, the two bumps on the bottom of the destiny or COD torso need shaved off to prevent a slight gap from showing. With the exception of the shaved thigh pieces that will now fit destiny armor loosely, everything can be reused again if you change your mind.


JoeFilms Nov 23, 2018

I like it! I'll have to try this. How did you do it?


81Ceta_Deta Nov 23, 2018



Spartan-092 Nov 23, 2018

That's cool