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Image of: YrkanesAbattoir

Halo Heroes Series 9 found at retail

Build by YrkanesAbattoir    Feb 08, 2019

Halo Heroes Series 9 found at retail

lll1OFAKINDlll Jun 26, 2019

Yeah I for sure would buy some halo figures from you with the bigger bodies and maybe if you can a custom black panther and deadpool if you can


YrkanesAbattoir Jun 22, 2019

Yes I do. What are you interested in; one I've done or something new? Everything I post here are customs that have been done for someone and already spoken for.


lll1OFAKINDlll May 03, 2019

Do you sell your customs?


Spartan-092 Feb 09, 2019



ABrianThing Feb 08, 2019

the elite's helmet looks kinda underwhelming, but i guess you can't get really minuscule detail on a small figure like this, or it could just be the angle i'm looking at.