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Halo leyends Mega Construx

Build by Coreffall117    Apr 04, 2018

Halo leyends Mega Construx

Boo101 Apr 05, 2018

Cool dude, I'll put it as my away wallpaper, I have @MichealSlayder 's CoD one as my home screen, not telling anyone its mine or anything, I hope he's okay with that! :-)


mrjustin412 Apr 05, 2018

Amazing recreation!


Rogue-Elite Apr 05, 2018

You should enter this in a contest, rex's contest


DBMAN1 Apr 05, 2018

Dude. This is the best thing EVER. Love it. Mite just make it my screen saver.


JoeFilms Apr 05, 2018

This looks fantastic! Excellently done!