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Image of: Psycofield

halo m99 stanchion rifle

Build by Psycofield    Feb 21, 2020

halo m99 stanchion rifle
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halo m99 stanchion rifle
halo m99 stanchion rifle
halo m99 stanchion rifle
halo m99 stanchion rifle
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WhoThCares Mar 31, 2020

Hey for a suggestion you should make another but use one of the gummy colored rail guns so as to have a powered on rifle. That is if you make another. If you want you can take a look at my version to see what I meant. Here's a link or two https://www.megaconstrux.com/en-us/community/gallery/powered-up-m99-stanchion-rifle And another https://www.megaconstrux.com/en-us/community/gallery/boots-on-the-ground_1 Hope you like this idea.


BlckWulf2501 Feb 22, 2020

Interesting design kudos on the paint work 👍


Acehalonerd1128 Feb 22, 2020

This is a beautiful creation


Firehawk1 Feb 22, 2020



ratss454 Feb 21, 2020

That looks absolutely amazing, the quality and attention to detail is most superb.