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Halo-MOTU Crossover Fun

Build by Kevin_MCX    May 10, 2019

Halo-MOTU Crossover Fun
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Halo-MOTU Crossover Fun
Halo-MOTU Crossover Fun
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Kevin_MCX May 27, 2019

@TheOriginalCollector, cool to hear that it is your dream job. It is mine as well, I am a Toy Designer for Mega.


TheOriginalCollector May 23, 2019

So @Kevin_MCX what exactly do you do in Mega Construx? It’s always been a dream job of mine to work there!


81Ceta_Deta May 10, 2019

Yeah, @JoeFilms. He-Man has a new weapon..


Zarry May 10, 2019

*sees h3 warthog* *gasping for air*


nigelninja11 May 10, 2019

Masters of the UNSC