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Image of: Orlando-master1

Halo on Eternia with Grayskull Man at Arms

Build by Orlando-master1    Sep 14, 2019

Halo on Eternia with Grayskull Man at Arms

Orlando-master1 Sep 17, 2019

lol yes it was was as soon as they started to all came down and start and talking to each other they were under a surprise attack by breakout best dragon with there leader missing peace talks with dragons have bin tuff on Eternia man at Arms quick added the halo captain from a dragon attack from behind some Eternia soldier & Halo solders lost there life’s that day but Captain and man at arms and the rest of solders on both sides got out the fight 2 dragons also were put down what a battle I had lol


81Ceta_Deta Sep 14, 2019

That would be a interesting battle!