Image of: TheTrue_Arbiter

Halo Reach Elites

Build by TheTrue_Arbiter    Jun 28, 2019

Halo Reach Elites

Acehalonerd1128 Jul 19, 2019

Yo these elites look really cool. I want some reach elites for my noble team


4NGaming Jul 09, 2019

Wow this is awesome!


Noirium Jul 05, 2019

They need to hire you because oh my god I want that so badly, better yet you deserve your own separate branch, I don't know why they never released a Zealot or Field Marshall, but it must have been destiny did you to fill that gap in the Elite rankings for Reach. This literally looks better than any other current Halo Mega Construx figures. I need to learn how to do this.


DINOMO Jul 02, 2019

This is awesome


Magnus913 Jun 29, 2019

Oh baby. I know what I like. I like this.