Halo Reach M392 DMR

Build by YrkanesAbattoir    Oct 27, 2016

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  • Halo Reach M392 DMR
  • Halo Reach M392 DMR
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TheFlamingBlazeDec 31, 2016

U are....... AWESOME AT THIS


SpartanGregor113Dec 27, 2016

Dude, this is incredible. I am mind-blown on these customs. Show me your ways, custom master...


DaForerunnerNov 19, 2016

Bro, this is awesome. Halo: Reach was my second Halo, and also my third favorite Halo. Halo 4 being my first favorite. This is amazing. Now, just try to make a Halo 2 Battle Rifle.


YrkanesAbattoirNov 13, 2016

Colonel_Rowller I used styrene shapes(rods and strips) to modify it.


toa_darksaberNov 01, 2016

that how you do a DMR