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Happy Mega Construx Day

Build by omegabob    Sep 01, 2018

Happy Mega Construx Day

omegabob Sep 02, 2018

@AgentHellion You are welcome. You have earned a compliment like that. I'm envious of you and all the others that are able to put out comic stories here in the Fan Gallery. I'm proof that anyone can make some custom characters but you and the other comic creators are proof that it takes something more to put out a story.


AgentHellion Sep 02, 2018

@omegabob Thank You. A complement like that means alot to me.


omegabob Sep 01, 2018

@AgentHellion You do post stuff as good (better in my opinion). You not only have cool custom characters but you have a story that you are sharing for them.


nigelninja11 Sep 01, 2018

BLARGH! I forgot!!


Dieselgirl8 Sep 01, 2018

Woo hoo happy mcx day!!!