Image of: JoetheMarine99

Has anyone seen this!?!?!

Build by JoetheMarine99    Jan 22, 2019

Has anyone seen this!?!?!

DemarcationMedia Apr 11, 2019

So many people got the AC Spartan wrong. It's clearly a Rogue. I've seen guesses that it was an EOD, or Master Chief. XD


nigelninja11 Apr 11, 2019

No one’s been here in a while so... HOI!


Gajago84 Mar 19, 2019

I need the active camo and the yellow spartan to complete the set. The active camo will be hard to find.


Murple Mar 19, 2019

@zenlieve well, i guess the new hero figures are what’s up! So far Arbiter looks the best to me. What’s your favorite?


zenlieve Mar 19, 2019

Hey @Murple I am responding to your random comment that you thought no one would. BUT I DID! So.... whats up?