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Image of: MichaelSlayder


Build by MichaelSlayder    Sep 20, 2018


WatchfulCrow Jan 23, 2019

Amazing picture! Great work, mate!


SpartanGregor113 Oct 09, 2018

I assumed, but I was just saying if you didn't happen to make it with PicsArt, your other ones that WERE made with PicsArt are incredible as well.


MichaelSlayder Oct 07, 2018

@SrgtGreen Nope, I don’t, I simply used a PNG image of rain, transperant background to make it seem like it’s raining and then added another PNG over Emile’s visor to make it seem like he’s being affected by the rain, add a sense of realism to the image


SrgtGreen Oct 06, 2018

OH okay do you have to have premium account thing for the good backgrounds?


MichaelSlayder Oct 06, 2018

@SpartanGregor113. I did use PicsArt to make this, like I said I used that app for all of my work