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Build by ArmieParker    Nov 03, 2019

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Kevin_MCX Nov 25, 2019

@ArmieParker, no molds were created for these, so they will not show up in sets. They were all built the old-fashioned way - by bashing existing parts together, putty and painting. In other words, they are basically customs made by our prototype shop.


ArmieParker Nov 23, 2019

@Kevin_MCX do you know where these child sized molds were ever used? In other sets or anything? Would love to find some to customize.


Kevin_MCX Nov 04, 2019

@WhoThCares, @Dielectric hit the nail on the head. This display was created as proof of concept to test the waters. Our team at the Model Shop spent weeks building the display for New York Toy Fair. All the figures were kit-bashed from existing parts, some were sculpted over and painted.


WhoThCares Nov 03, 2019

Ah yes the probuilder line teaser that has gone missing. The parts and figs are in some storage waiting for the light a day to be seen again. Shame we will not get these amirite @Kevin_MCX


Dielectric Nov 03, 2019

This was a display at New York Toy Fair as a "proof of concept", and originally was not planned as a release in any form. From this line we did get the Space Rover though. It is a shame we didn't get more offerings from it though.