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Heavy Breathing...

Build by joelion32    Apr 13, 2019

Heavy Breathing...
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Heavy Breathing...
Heavy Breathing...
Heavy Breathing...
Heavy Breathing...
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joelion32 Apr 15, 2019

@DemarcationMedia That’s fair .. they were always scarce from the start sadly . The de-iced Halo CE version is a must for sure ! He looks great ! I’m stoked for the halo2 version of Arbiter especially


DemarcationMedia Apr 14, 2019

@joelion32 I know. I'm not having any luck at finding a Chief figure, so at this point, I'll take what I can get. The de-iced version from CE in the new Heroes wave is gonna be a must buy for sure!


Halofanboi Apr 14, 2019

*Breathing intensifys*


JoeFilms Apr 14, 2019

But it does all look beautiful!


ValusWolf Apr 14, 2019

I can’t breathe! Mega Construx has really listened to us haven’t they?!