Image of: ShlubCustoms

Hornet Vs. Hornet Vs. Hornet

Build by ShlubCustoms    Oct 14, 2019

Hornet Vs. Hornet Vs. Hornet

Emersonian_06 Oct 15, 2019

I think the Hornet wins😁😁


dr-glassman Oct 15, 2019

Awesome! that's great @shlubcustoms! is the middle hornet a custom or just modified and painted, i cant tell, my image is a bit blurry.


OrangeTheGreat Oct 15, 2019

Just found the scout(after realizing it’s name was scout of echo 4, not scout, by echo 4). It’s really cool.


81Ceta_Deta Oct 14, 2019

Nice work!