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How to beat defeat hunters...

Build by SrgtGreen    Oct 20, 2019

How to beat defeat hunters...

JoeFilms Oct 21, 2019

The back. Heck ‘em in the back.


OrangeTheGreat Oct 20, 2019

Just played some reach campaign. In mission 7 I think, you battle 4 hunters. The way I use when I don't have any heavy weaponry is, evade the hunters while targeting unarmored spots or spraying.


81Ceta_Deta Oct 20, 2019

I have no idea. What Nigel said..?


Emersonian_06 Oct 20, 2019

Listen close! These are some ways to kill a hunter depending on the situation: #1, This strategy gets you up close and personal with a hunter. Step one- eliminate the plate on the hunters back using either frag/plasma grenade, melee, or shotgun. continue to do this to the exposed back. Make sure to jump away from the plasma blast. #2, snipe in head or back. #3, use rocket or plasma launcher and shoot at back, try not wasting a rocket on takin of the armor plate, just use step #1 for that. THE BACK AND HEAD ARE THE ONLY VULNERABLE PARTS. Oh! And here's a tip for step #1 once you're pretty experienced - get the hunter to strike at you with his shield, jump to the side, he is stuck for about 2 seconds so act quick, run to the back and use step #1. Now you're set!👌😃👍


Muto112 Oct 20, 2019

I've had experience with most hunters in the games but not in Halo 5 or Halo 2. Maybe I recommend heavy weapons yand shoot his back. I, in my part, am very daring, so I even attack melee without a hammer or energy sword XD