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I ❤ Vale

Build by CHR0N1CL3R    Nov 23, 2018

I ❤ Vale

murphbloks Dec 14, 2018

Umm . . . ye-yeah okay let me just click off . . . *jumps out window and runs into street*


Arby101 Dec 01, 2018

This makes me slightly... disturbed.


JoeFilms Nov 26, 2018

Hey, so I don't know if you're even still here, but just because you made one post that got generally negative feedback doesn't mean you aren't a good creator. I hope to see more from you!


basicusername Nov 26, 2018

@Rouge-Elite maybe I should start some controversy, lol


JoeFilms Nov 24, 2018

@Rogue-Elite exactly. See, as we speak we are feeding the beast.