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Image of: ShlubCustoms

I'm Leaving the Gallery

Build by ShlubCustoms    Jan 23, 2020

I'm Leaving the Gallery
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I'm Leaving the Gallery
I'm Leaving the Gallery
I'm Leaving the Gallery
I'm Leaving the Gallery
I'm Leaving the Gallery
I'm Leaving the Gallery
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MasterChief36 Feb 03, 2020

I know I have few posts, but I've been here a little while. I don't know how I miss this stuff, but 2020 is going downhill. That's two members gone in 3 weeks. Both ShlubCostums and TheOrigionalCollecter have left, and both will be dearly missed. 😰😰😰


ThunderHero1 Jan 31, 2020

All good things must come to an end we will miss you shulub


WhoThCares Jan 31, 2020

Well I won the contest but at what cost...... it seems 2020 will be a year of leavings as a great number of long time or just well admired gallery members say farewell to the site and us other users. It seems just like yesterday the site was bustling with activity which now today has turned into a slow gentle stream of new uploads. The bush war has begun to fall into ancient memory, the great flood of contests stemmed by the great gallery contest planning forum page, and even now t pose and y pose offs seem to be dropped from the gallery uploads beside one or two followers of the t/y pose Faith's. Fox Battalion has returned to keep and eye on new users not aware of the great hardships and wars settled by contracts and peace accords for stories. It is time for the gallery to return to its greatest self.


kirrily_agus Jan 28, 2020

HOW. DID. I. MISS. THIIIISSSSSS!?!??!?!?!? Goodbye Shlub.


willshard Jan 25, 2020

I’ve enjoyed your comments on my posts, and looking at your amazing content, cheers.