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Image of: HaloODST56

I need help! Plz!

Build by HaloODST56    Jan 31, 2020

I need help! Plz!

81Ceta_Deta Jan 31, 2020

I do what Z does. I use techniques and ideas from other writers. I suggest you try that. Research vocabulary, the widespread language and proper use if grammar does a lot. Try to keep it continuous- little to no plotholes.


HaloODST56 Jan 31, 2020

Thank you very much @Spartanz19


Admiral-Sabree Jan 31, 2020

Well, from what I've seen of your comics they look pretty good. Got text boxes right off the bat. Tool me awhile to get those.


Haloguy092 Jan 31, 2020

Take ispirationt from Monty Python.


Spartanz19 Jan 31, 2020

If you're looking to make better storylines, I've got some tips. Read up! An extremely easy way to improve yourself is to study someone better than you. When you read a book, see what the author is doing to make the plot interesting. Do they draw out the main storyline by adding suspense? Maybe they include interesting subplots! This works for movies, TV shows, and practically everything. See what the professionals do to make their work interesting! Another tip is to practice! It's obvious, yes, but show your family and friends your work and see what they think. Ask them what they'd like to see improved. Hope this helps, I was in this position for years, and still am to a degree.