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Image of: Simek4

I pushed it, Murple.

Build by Simek4    May 22, 2019

I pushed it, Murple.

Simek4 May 26, 2019

@HALx-10, very true!


JoeFilms May 26, 2019

Yeah, it's just on the figures page now.


HALx-10 May 25, 2019

i think its cool everyone here is as stoked as i am to see a mark 5 in red prettty rad man this is the GOAT color for halo 1 back in the day i never minded being red or blue despite chief having green it still looked wicked sweet! this is nostaglia


Spartanz19 May 23, 2019

It only works if you use internet explorer....


81Ceta_Deta May 22, 2019

I didn't even click it. I just pressed figures