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Image of: ebomb113

I was so CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Build by ebomb113    Jul 19, 2019

I was so CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhoThCares Jul 21, 2019

May have or have not been me depending if you live in Colorado


Arson Jul 20, 2019

Its honestly the worst part about mega, I love this brand ever since I was a kid. But now its is frustratingly hard to get new or any set from mega construx. I wish they would fix this issue. I would love to buy new sets but I cant buy whats not there!


HALx-10 Jul 20, 2019

this happens to me too mega needs to fix their distribution


Acehalonerd1128 Jul 20, 2019

That happened 2 weeks ago 2 me


Rogue-Elite Jul 19, 2019

Cri. :(