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Image of: SrgtGreen

I’m Alive and...

Build by SrgtGreen    Jun 27, 2019

I’m Alive and...
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I’m Alive and...
I’m Alive and...
I’m Alive and...
I’m Alive and...
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Dieselgirl8 Jun 28, 2019

He has returned!!


TheOriginalCollector Jun 28, 2019

He’s back! I would name the customs something desert related, as it fits the design 🤔


81Ceta_Deta Jun 28, 2019

Welcome back! Great ODST. Maybe Strike Team Desert Crimson? Idk


Simek4 Jun 27, 2019

We (Shrub Ind.) are still fighting you. (Bush Ind.)


JoeFilms Jun 27, 2019

And so he returns. You missed some crucial Mega-Verse stuff, you might want to get caught up on that.