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Image of: kirrily_agus

In the Bush

Build by kirrily_agus    Nov 15, 2019

In the Bush
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In the Bush
In the Bush
In the Bush
In the Bush
In the Bush
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81Ceta_Deta Nov 15, 2019

Very cool!


kirrily_agus Nov 15, 2019

@OrangeTheGreat it's the one from Warthog Resistance @Cinimod64 Thanks! It took me like 5 tries to get that one right, it was so hard because I wasn't using a tripod, it would've been too high.


nigelninja11 Nov 15, 2019

@Murple I see what you did there


Cinimod64 Nov 15, 2019

Woah! The second photo took my breath away. Nice job man!


Murple Nov 15, 2019

Bushes are always nice places to be in.