Installation 04

   Aug 18, 2019

Installation 04

Aug 20, 2019

@Halx-10 as @Murple said, it's from Jerome.


HALx-10 Aug 20, 2019

where is the weapon from i only have a grey assault rifle with a rail

Aug 20, 2019

@ratss454 could be worse, they could turn into flood forms or....oh wait. @silettakedown thanks so much for the kinds words! @RedThree cheers mate :) @HALx-10 @Murple thanks for covering @AVGcustoms thanks so much my friend! @81Ceta_Deta cheers for the support as always! I see you on all my photos and it really does mean a lot :) @joelion32 thanks buddy! Getting the Depth of Field right was something I played with taking this one. @JoeFilms thanks for the support as always man! You're amazing.


JoeFilms Aug 19, 2019

Beautiful shot, man!


joelion32 Aug 19, 2019

I like it ! Nice focus !