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Image of: ShlubCustoms

Introducing The Glubforce!

Build by ShlubCustoms    Jan 13, 2020

Introducing The Glubforce!
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Introducing The Glubforce!
Introducing The Glubforce!
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operationbeta Mar 12, 2020

the pilot figure was my first ever mega bloks figure


THEranger01 Jan 15, 2020

ok its fine!


ShlubCustoms Jan 15, 2020

@THEranger01 No, sorry. The stuff related to Glibglub and Jerry is a series surrounding the fictional events caused by these two figures in my house, there really isn't any way for someone else to make topics based on the Glibglub and Jerry story.


Cinimod64 Jan 14, 2020

Having nothing better to do is a GREAT motivator.


81Ceta_Deta Jan 14, 2020

Finally, at last! Their insanity will be stablizied!