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Image of: JoeFilms

Joe has Gamer-Rage

Build by JoeFilms    Dec 01, 2019

Joe has Gamer-Rage
Joe has Gamer-Rage
Joe has Gamer-Rage
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THEranger01 Dec 05, 2019

He is the one to kill Zelda!!!!! LOL


Bmatt123 Dec 03, 2019

that is so true


almondmaster Dec 03, 2019

well if you find it give me a hollar!


JoeFilms Dec 02, 2019

@kingcastlesieger All good! You can like and dislike whatever you want. Breath of the Wild is pretty amazing, after all!


kingcastlesieger Dec 02, 2019

@SrgtGreen nah, I probably deserve it. I still think Breath of the wild is better, but if someone likes Majora's mask, that's fine.