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Image of: ShlubCustoms

Kinda Salvaged This Figure . . . Kinda

Build by ShlubCustoms    Dec 12, 2019

Kinda Salvaged This Figure . . . Kinda

WhoThCares Dec 13, 2019

Could the splaser just not fit because that figs hands are malformed and not the handle of the splaser. Have you tried the weapon if different figure hands as I have had weapon fit snug in some figs hand, lose in others and some a mix of both worlds. Megas hands are some times warped just a little and the accessories dont work for some figures.


Arby101 Dec 12, 2019

Sand down the handle or cut it off and sculpt a new one


81Ceta_Deta Dec 12, 2019

That is seriously cool. Iight buy this guy when I get the chance again.


ShlubCustoms Dec 12, 2019

@NatoGreavesy I don't want to risk ruining it any more than it already is.


NatoGreavesy Dec 12, 2019

Can't you just file/sand down the handle on the splaser?