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till you...

Build by danielr77    Jul 29, 2019

till you...

JoeFilms Jul 29, 2019

Alright, I'll have to try baking powder some day. Thank you!


81Ceta_Deta Jul 29, 2019

You are amazing at this. @JoeFilms letting you see his response


Simek4 Jul 29, 2019

Very cool again!


danielr77 Jul 29, 2019

JoeFilms, I used old flour. It was already quiet hard and clumpy, but the only thing I had at home that day. To be honest, I don't recommend it. It's not easy to "control" and results in very big "snow flakes" for that scale. Next try will be with baking powder. :)


SpartanGregor113 Jul 29, 2019

Looks incredible! You have a serious knack for special effects.