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Image of: Rogue-Elite

Ladies and Gentlemen I found it

Build by Rogue-Elite    Jun 10, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen I found it

HALx-10 Jun 12, 2019

i thought this has been out


81Ceta_Deta Jun 11, 2019

Ah yes! Thanks for posting it Rogue!


VinceHoffman Jun 10, 2019

Ours just arrived today from Amazon Canada. My son totally digs all the figs but enlisted my assistance in assembling the rather fiddly Browning MG. The finished MG looks good but the intricate tripod build isn't a terribly stable or practical build for anything other than display. Minifigcat has a much more robust tripod for their mounted MGs. Bottom line: this set is a must buy for WW 2 buffs!


CarilletaReach2 Jun 10, 2019

Dog vs dog


JoeFilms Jun 10, 2019