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M 12 APC Warthog

Build by vsg001    Apr 12, 2017

M 12 APC Warthog
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M 12 APC Warthog
M 12 APC Warthog
M 12 APC Warthog
M 12 APC Warthog
M 12 APC Warthog
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Sunseaus May 20, 2018

This is a nice build you can add like a little back that can swing up and down but still pretty nice


thekiller2468 Apr 14, 2017

Great mod! You need to show us more of that cheif! Great work!


GreenSpartan082 Apr 13, 2017

He used a destiny torso to make chief taller


Cartersx7 Apr 13, 2017

How did you make chief taller?


vsg001 Apr 13, 2017

Greenspartan082 i used a testors acrylic paint set i got at MIchaels. you can find them in other hobby stores though. the palette was labelled as 'camouflage'. ccbrowning5, i know a whole bunch of things could be added on, but the source material i was using didn't have it so i just wanted to stick to that.