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Image of: GoodwillHunter

Mama's Boys...

Build by GoodwillHunter    Jan 16, 2020

Mama's Boys...

81Ceta_Deta Jan 17, 2020

Family photos.!


AgentHellion Jan 17, 2020

@ebomb113 Alien Queen should be the one from the Mcfarlane AvP line.


SrgtGreen Jan 17, 2020

You haven many an alien.


GoodwillHunter Jan 17, 2020

Thanks ebomb113! I found the queen at Goodwill a few years ago...I believe it came from a toy line from one of the Alien vs. Predator movies...


ebomb113 Jan 17, 2020

Love This! One question, where did you get the Xeno queen? I have been looking for one that size/scale to the drones or wish mega would make one.